You Registered — Now What?

Set a Goal

Goal setting is simply a part of the fundraising process. Don’t be afraid! Do you know why people participate and donate? Because they are asked!

Aim high! Your donors will try to help you reach - even surpass - your goal. Use your social media network to help find more donors and team members.

Get the Word Out

Emails are the easiest and most effective way to build your team and raise money! Use the Participant Center and customize your page to recruit, motivate and update your team or folks supporting your efforts. Here are some quick email tips.

Your email communications should include:

  • Why you are participating - if you have a personal connection with cancer, discuss how this has affected your life and the lives of your family and friends.
  • Your fundraising goal - remind folks that all monies raised from this event remain in the community to care for patients treated at the C. Anthony and Jean Whittingham Cancer Center and that their gift is tax-deductible!
  • Periodic Updates/Follow Up - let folks know how close you are to your goal and remind them of the date of the event. The sooner they make their gift the faster you will achieve your goal. If you are trying to raise at least $1,250 to have your name listed on the tshirt, it’s a good idea to follow up with family and friends who have not yet responded to your invitation of support and encourage them to help you get there.
  • Thank YOU! - be sure to promptly acknowledge everyone who has ‘stepped up’ to support your efforts. One of the benefits of online gifts is the prompt notification of gifts made in support of you or your team. Use this information to extend your personal appreciation and let them know you’ll be sure to share your success with them following the event.

The Participant Center includes sample emails for you to use. Utilize these tools to raise money and recruit team members. Login to your Participant Center to access sample emails and to customize your page. Each email sent from the Participant Center will include a link to the walk & run website, making it easy to receive online donations or recruit members onto your team if you are a team captain!

Online Donations

When your friends and family make a donation online, you will receive an email alerting you of the gift. Donations made online are typically 40% higher than those made by other means.

Why do we encourage online gifts?

  • It’s quick and easy!
  • On average, participants raising money online will raise more than participants who raise solely offline (cash and checks)
  • It’s safe and secure
  • You can fundraise at any time from your home computer, tablet or Smartphone
  • Donors automatically receive a tax receipt email confirmation upon a successful credit card transaction
  • Online fundraising is cost effective and it’s a great way to maximize the impact of dollars going to support our mission
  • Online fundraising allows you to fundraise nationwide — even worldwide — and is easily linked to social media sites to extend your reach

It's a Match!

Matching gifts are a great way to increase your total fundraising dollars. Some companies match gifts made by employees. Take a few minutes to find out if you can double your donations today by checking with your Human Resources Department.