Balloon Ribbons are 7-foot tall sculptures available in a variety of colors that decorate the walk/run field in full view of the day’s participants, volunteers and vendors. By purchasing a Balloon Ribbon with a tax-deductible gift of $500, you are able to remember or honor a family member, friend or caregiver, or promote your business. Sponsored Ribbons will bear a sign with your personalized message. Choice of ribbon color is based on availability.

  • Breast Cancer (pink)
  • Pancreatic Cancer (purple)
  • Leukemia (orange)
  • Prostate Cancer (light blue)
  • Gynecologic (teal)
  • Colon (dark blue)
  • Childhood (gold)
  • Liver (green)
  • Clear (lung)
  • Multiple Myeloma (burgundy)
  • Brain (grey)
  • Bone (yellow)

To purchase a ribbon: please click here. Balloon Ribbons can be purchased by selecting the Donate option on the home page. If you have questions, please contact Liz Fazio at

Donations made in support of the Whittingham Cancer Center Walk and Sally’s Run will remain in this community to benefit the patients cared for at the Whittingham Cancer Center.

On behalf of the patients and the caregivers of the Whittingham Cancer Center, thank you for your time and your consideration!

Balloon Ribbons must be reserved by April 21st to allow us time to prepare the signage for May 5th. Color selections are based on availability.