Did you know that...

$2,500 - Educational Seminars for Patients

allows the Cancer Center to provide seminars on hot topics in cancer care for cancer survivors, family and friends

$2,500 - Continuing Education Program

enables one clinician to attend a national conference to learn new, innovative techniques for cancer care

$1,200 - Patient Relaxation Devices

iPad, holders and speakers to play calming music for patients while they receive treatments

$1,130 - Integrative Medicine Package

provides an Integrative Medicine package of 10 acupuncture sessions, three Reiki, massage or reflexology sessions, one nutrition consultation and one herbal/supplement counseling session

$1,000 - Healthy Snacks

provides healthy snacks to chemotherapy patients for one week

$350 - Image Enhancement Program

affords one patient a wig consultation and wig

$250 - Oncology Nurse Navigator

provides a patient with a one-on-one session to review chemo plan, side effects, treatment concerns, education, support, survivorship care plans and recommendations

$200 - Genetic Counseling

enables a genetic counseling session for the uninsured/under insured patients

$175 - Psychosocial Support

allows for a patient consult with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

$100 - Patient Navigation Services

per encounter/average 6 encounters per patient with a certified patient navigator to help

$90 - Herbal and Supplement Consultation

provides a one-on-one session with our pharmacists to explain the important information patients need to prevent drug interactions. They will also advise and help choose dietary supplements and provide education on taking medications safely

$90 - Nutrition Counseling

enables a patient to receive a one hour session with registered dietician

$80 - Integrative Medicine

provides recuperative treatments (1) like acupuncture, massage, acupressure and Reiki